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calcium carbonate

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO₃) is a naturally occurring mineral found in mainly limestone and various rocks. Through the utilization of state-of-the-art facilities, Pulai Rock has risen to prominence as one of the leading manufacturers, by further processing premium limestones into top-tier Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) Powder, celebrated as our PRI series.


Calcium Carbonate plays a crucial role across diverse industrial and agricultural sectors. In industrial applications, it emerges as a versatile functional filler, capable of modifying both the chemical and physical characteristics of end products. Additionally, its natural whiteness positions it as one of the most cost effective pigments, providing efficient whitening solutions for materials.

Our PRI Series
Calcium Carbonate

Executed with precision engineering, our flagship product, the PRI series, utilizing only specially selected limestones to guarantee high purity and whiteness. The ultra-fine particulate nature of our GCC Powder not only ensures a remarkable brightness but also meets rigorous standards for consistency in fineness, whiteness, and low impurities. Sourced exclusively from our own quarry, the PRI series Calcium Carbonate Powder has greatly supported industries worldwide in various applications, ensuring our customers receive a product of unmatched quality.

Uncoated Calcium Carbonate

Free from any chemical additives, our natural Uncoated Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) stands out with an excellent performance-to-price ratio. Applicable across diverse industries such as PVC, cement, construction materials, agriculture, adhesive, and more, our uncoated calcium carbonate serves as a versatile and cost-effective filler.


Coated Calcium Carbonate

Our Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder undergoes a meticulous surface treatment with stearic acid, ensuring compatibility with various organic media. It finds application across diverse manufacturing industries such as plastics, filler masterbatch, paints, compounds, paper, rubber and more.

Our surface-coated calcium carbonate powder significantly enhances the mechanical properties of plastic products, such as Elastic Modulus, Tensile Strength, Elongation Break, and Tear Resistance. Additionally, it reduces wear and tear in PVC extrusion processes, providing a cost-efficient solution in the long term. In the rubber industry, the use of coated calcium carbonate powder improves process characteristics, offering benefits like better dispersion, lower oil adsorption values, improved homogeneity, and reduced mixing times, ultimately resulting in cost savings and superior elastomer properties

Packaging Services

At Pulai Rock Industries, our PRI-series calcium carbonate is available in a variety of packaging solutions.

Paper Bags
PP Woven Bags
Jumbo Bags
Tanker Services

Taking an extra step to enhance your industrial applications with our PRI-series Calcium Carbonate Powder

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