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A Commitment for Industries​

Dato’ Goh Ri Fatt is the founder and managing Director of Pulai Rock Group, one of the leading premium grade Limestone and Calcium Carbonate Manufacturer in Malaysia, serving more than 18 countries worldwide.

His professional journey began with diverse roles, from being a miner to a semiconductor industrial worker. Coincidentally, he entered the limestone mining sector, initially serving as a contractor for a renowned Multi National Company (MNC). His role encompasses a wide array of services, from machinery maintenance to addressing daily operational requirements.

Recognizing the pivotal role of limestone in supporting the development of human civilization, Dato’ Goh's interest in the industry continued to grow. With over 15 years of working experience in the Limestone industry, he founded Pulai Rock Industries Sdn Bhd, initially providing basic limestone crushing and processing services in Simpang Pulai. Guided by foresight, ambition, and entrepreneurial leadership, he transformed Pulai Rock from a modest crushing plant into a respected corporate entity, boasting one of Malaysia's largest limestone quarries and advanced calcium carbonate manufacturing facilities.

Throughout his success journey

Dato’ Goh has remained steadfast in prioritizing customer satisfaction and the application of high-quality standards. His commitment defines the mission of Pulai Rock, ensuring the continuous delivery of excellence.

Enthusiasm for Education​

"I faced numerous challenges during my youth, which limited my academic opportunities. However, I am determined to ensure that future generations do not encounter the same obstacles." – Dato’ Goh Ri Fatt

With a vision believing that knowledge will improve the world, Dato’ Goh had dedicated himself to supporting local communities, especially in the education sector. Over the years, he has fulfilled this commitment by assisting and serving as the chairman of the board of directors for numerous primary and secondary schools in Perak, Malaysia.

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