Pulai Rock



Who we are

We are leveraging ownership of one of the largest pure high-quality limestone reserves. Established on January 25, 2007, under the visionary leadership of our founder, Dato’ Goh Ri Fatt, the company has evolved from a modest 3-acre operation to a prominent 55-acre venture strategically situated in Simpang Pulai, Perak, renowned for its abundant limestone resources.

Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering top-tier product quality, effective solutions, and customer-centric services, with dedication extending to ensuring sustainable and profitable growth for all our worldwide customers.

Never content with current achievements, Pulai Rock is dedicated to continuous innovation to advance by competitively adapting to industry trends, while remaining steadfast in upholding the principles and core values of innovation, excellence, and humility. With these foundations, we are confident in our journey toward becoming a leading limestone and calcium carbonate manufacturer, not only in Malaysia but also globally.

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