Malaysia Premium Grade
Calcium Carbonate Manufacturer

Produced from specially selected limestones of
high purity and whiteness

Malaysia Calcium Carbonate Manufacturer

We are committed in the development of high grade calcium carbonate products that will meet the industry’s stringent quality standards.

Malaysia Calcium Carbonate Manufacturer

Equipped with the latest state of the art machinery and laboratory in order to ensure that the product quality is consistently been met.

Malaysia Calcium Carbonate Manufacturer

Providing our customer with the cost effective solutions they need through using our Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC).

Coated and Non-Coated
High Quality Calcium Carbonate Powder

Our surface treated Calcium Carbonate Powder PRI series enables the powder to be compatible with other organic media. Complete and correct surface treatment of our powder provides better mechanical properties to the plastic products, such as improving the Modulus, Tensile Strength, Elongation Break and Tear Resistance.

We are determined to be the best in providing
and delivering GCC to our customers

We regularly monitor each step of our distribution process to ensure
we provide you with high quality products and services at international safety standards.